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Engage  Improve Prosper

The MHM team is made up of innovative professionals in acquisitions, finance, operations, construction management, marketing, and community relations. Our company is resident-focused and well-capitalized to make large community investments for continued growth. As a solution-based team, we highly value our residents and take pride in the quality of our communities.


We actively search for new investments and – upon acquiring a new property – work with residents to assess the needs of the community. Our next steps are to build and/or improve neighborhood infrastructure & amenities, and to provide management with tools to better serve the residents. Finally, we focus on improving the community's lifestyle through recreation and social events.

Our Investment Is A Commitment

We Want To Build Something That Will Last A Lifetime.

Tropical Leaves

We Buy Properties And Make Them Better,
Because A Healthy Community Is A Wise Investment.

Innovative Strategies

Our experience with lean operation techniques & analytical processes blend seamlessly with our common-sense approach towards each of our projects. Our core belief that healthy happy residents are the foundation of a prosperous community makes decision making and long-term planning easy.

We've spent years building trust in our industry. We're proud of our partnerships and relationships we’ve made along the way.


Our balance of internal operations management, construction management, and professional property management  gives us a competitive advantage.


Our custom, industry-specific accounting and audit software system provides accuracy and controls necessary for our business.


The MHM team has one of
the highest rates of on-time, contract-to-closing transitions in the industry.


Our unique strategies and innovative solutions increase operating efficiencies, net operating income, and property value. All of our properties are evaluated and optimized for synergistic savings and peak performance. Each community plan maintains a critical path and is individually developed, implemented, and measured to assure that our residents have the best senior living experience for the best value.

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