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Securing Your Future

Weathering the Storm: Why Are Resident-Owned Communities Considering Returning 
To Land-Lease Models?

In 1984, a transformative Florida law gave residents the first right of refusal if their community's owner decided to sell. This catalyzed a significant move from land-lease to resident-owned cooperatives (co-ops), a trend that surged especially in the 1990s due to low interest rates. However, over the decades, these co-ops have faced challenges that are increasingly exacerbated by severe weather patterns, leading to a reevaluation of the resident-owned model.

Over time, co-ops have encountered numerous operational issues including debt accrual, climbing insurance costs, and management disputes. Notably, the looming threat of weather-related damages has become a pressing concern. Many co-ops have held maintenance fees artificially low, hindering the growth of necessary reserves for critical infrastructure and environmental safeguards.


Even the most conscientious co-op boards often struggle to secure shareholder backing for increased maintenance fees and reserves. This lack of financial cushion places communities at risk, particularly when it comes to deferred maintenance on vital systems like roads and stormwater utilities. As a result, these communities find themselves financially stretched and poorly equipped to handle much-needed improvements—from clubhouses to seawalls and docks that have seen better days.


In light of these mounting challenges and a climate increasingly prone to severe weather events, more shareholders are opting to unlock their equity by selling their co-op shares in a strong real estate market. This choice offers residents the freedom to stay in their communities without compromising their quality of life, all while providing a more secure and liquid form of investment better suited to weathering future storms.


The current trend indicates a pragmatic shift, as communities look to secure both their financial futures and their physical well-being in the face of environmental uncertainties.

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MHM Communities’ innovative conversion approach is centered around enhancing the shareholder’s quality of life. In fact, share payouts are often large enough for the shareholders to live in their current home, rent free, for the rest of their life while they enjoy the new amenities and fully renovated infrastructure we will provide.

The MHM Communities conversion process includes:

  • SUBSTANTIAL SHARE PAYOUTS allowing residents to convert their shares into liquid assets (cash), providing opportunities to diversify their investments. 

  • LIFETIME LEASES with minimal increases over current maintenance fees, with guaranteed minimal increases over the lifetime of the lease.

  • Significant remodeling and new amenities that your residents want in their community (including enhanced security) and guarantees that the capital improvements costs will NOT be passed through to the residents.

  • Monthly expenses are negotiated before the sale, then guaranteed in writing.

  • Guarantee that the community will remain a Senior 55+ MHC Community for no less than 30 years after closing.

  • All negotiated terms are filed in a new Prospectus with Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) and cannot be modified by MHM.


Can you imagine having your lot rent and other monthly expense amounts guaranteed, without having to worry about assessments or other costs of maintenance? Start enjoying your resort-style community without any of the costs impacting you - GUARANTEED FOR LIFE.


If you would like to know more about our conversion approach, reach out to Paul Smith at 404-428-7295 or email for a confidential discussion about the options available to you.



In our acquisition process, we search for communities that will benefit from our industry expertise. Our goal is to develop thriving communities and improve the quality of life of our residents by enacting the objectives below:

Enhanced Amenities – Significant remodeling and new amenities designed with your community’s needs in mind. Be it re-purposing older unused amenities or building new amenities, our goal is to provide the environment and features that each resident would enjoy using every day.

Sense of Security – Our management takes the security and comfort of our residents seriously. Each community goes through a full security evaluation. Gating entrances, installing climb-resistant fencing and cloud-based day/night security cameras are standard MHM installations.

Affordability – MHM creates multi-tier options so that Shareholders can choose the lease payment option that best suits them. Each group of options includes Lifetime Rent Guarantees. Some shareholders fear their rents will become unaffordable after they sell their shares so we developed Lifetime Lease options to remove that fear. Each Shareholder can choose their own lifetime rent option. The options range from minimal increases over their current maintenance fees, to slightly higher monthly rents that have larger cash payouts at closing, providing extra money now, so they can enjoy the finer things in life.


Social Funds – Every month MHM allots thousands of dollars for the community to use for social events, gatherings, dances, catered meals, parties and other events. These funds are used at the sole discretion of the HOA or other elected group of residents so that social committees can plan and enjoy without having to worry about selling tickets or taking donations. All residents are welcome to each and every event.


MHM Communities is a dedicated owner of manufactured housing communities specializing in age-qualified 55+ senior communities. We enhance our communities by improving neighborhood infrastructure, building modern amenities, re-purposing old amenities, and expanding social activities. Our residents experience an active and social lifestyle – filled with health, happiness and friendship.


MHM has acquired over $3.0 billion in acquisitions over the past 20+ years. We are very experienced in evaluating and creating offers that are rock solid, no re-trading, and a 99.4% on time closing historical track record. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, MHM acquired over $500m in communities in Florida with 100% of them closing on time and at our committed price. Our group prides itself on creating customized programs best suited for each community and for each Shareholder. 


Our experienced acquisition team has been developing and maturing our relationships over the last 20+ years, gaining the trust and respect of community owners and resident owned co-ops throughout the country. 

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Converting your community is a big decision, but there is no better time than the present. Real estate prices are at their peak and infrastructure problems only get worse with time.

We’ve been helping age-qualified senior communities like yours make smart and informed community decisions for over 20 years. Protecting your home’s value while enhancing the quality of life within the community is a major part of that decision. 

Contact us today and let us guide you through the process where everyone wins.

Get started now and build a lasting future in your community with MHM.
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