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Discover Why Florida Resident-Owned Communities

Are Returning to Land Lease Communities

The reasons – and benefits – may surprise you!

Is Your Co-op Thriving?


In the 1980s and 1990s, many 55+ senior mobile home parks converted from land-lease communities to resident-owned co-ops. However, over the past 30 years, countless co-op boards have faced serious challenges. Have rising debt and insurance costs, hurricane risks, management disagreements, and rental vacancies prevented your community from updating amenities or making necessary repairs, like paving roads and fixing infrastructure? Can you imagine solving these problems without passing along the costs to the residents?


How Are Your Personal Finances?


Many seniors thought they had enough saved for retirement. However, inflation has surged in the past two years. The costs of medications, food, and other necessities have all increased, leaving many retirees financially strained. Can you imagine the relief of having a life-changing sum of money added to your retirement savings, along with lifetime guarantees that would virtually freeze your cost of living?


Want to know how MHM Communities can benefit you and the community?


We can enhance your community by upgrading amenities and repairing infrastructure at no cost to you. Plus, we can unlock the equity of your co-op shares without requiring you to sell your home, relocate, or sacrifice your quality of life. Additionally, we can secure your future in the community with lifetime leases guaranteed by the state of Florida.


If you would like to know more about
MHM Communities and our conversion process,
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Paul Smith:

Benefits of Converting Back to

a Land Lease Community


Benefits to the Shareholders:

  • You will receive several payout options so you can choose the one that suits you best. 

  • The payout option that you choose may allow you to live rent-free for life.

  • You will receive a large upfront cash payout, boosting your retirement nest egg.

  • Residents will be selling their shares, not their homes, and staying in their same beloved location.

  • Share equity will be secured from future storm damage, avoiding costly assessments and/or community bankruptcy.

  • Monthly expenses are negotiated before the sale and guaranteed in writing.

  • Most payout options include "not to exceed" amounts written into the lease.

  • You will feel secure with a lifetime lease, guaranteeing your place in the community.

  • Feel confident knowing the community will remain a 55+ community, guaranteed in writing.

  • Sale contracts, rules, regulations, and prospectuses are co-created by MHM and the Shareholders Board and filed with the Florida DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) to ensure they cannot be changed by MHM later.

  • Focus on enjoying your retirement without the hassle of managing the community or mediating between residents.


Benefits to the Community:

  • No more community maintenance fees for the residents.

  • Infrastructure repairs and amenity upgrades will be handled at no cost to you.

  • Our team will actively invest in capital improvements to enhance your living experience.

  • You will be free from the financial burden of future property issues.

  • MHM will provide substantial monthly social funds for community entertainment.

  • With substantial share payouts, community spirits will be higher, and residents will generally be happier.

  • Professional management helps maintain harmony among neighbors.

  • MHM's experience in managing multiple communities allows for better negotiation of repairs, maintenance, and telecommunications contracts, creating savings for residents.

The Benefits of a Lifetime Lease

At MHM Communities, our goal is to enhance your quality of life. Our payouts are often large enough to allow shareholders to remain in their current homes rent-free for life while enjoying new amenities and renovated infrastructure, but it is the lifetime lease that is the greatest value within the transaction.

Seniors Dancing.jpg

A Lifetime Lease Will Provide:

Imagine having your lot rent and other monthly expenses guaranteed for life, without worrying about assessments or maintenance costs. Start enjoying your resort-style community without any financial burdens - GUARANTEED FOR LIFE.


Guaranteed Monthly Expenses: 

Your rent, expenses, taxes, and pass-throughs are negotiated before the sale and guaranteed in writing.


Transferable Lease: 

The ability to pass or gift your lifetime lease to family members.


Senior Community Assurance: 

The community will remain a Senior 55+ MH Community for at least 30 years.


Minimal Rent Increases: 

Stated rent increases (typically a small amount over your current maintenance fees), with minimal increases guaranteed over the lease's duration.


Access to New Amenities: 

Enjoy new amenities with no capital improvement costs passed on to residents.


Regulatory Security: 

All negotiated terms are filed with Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and cannot be modified by MHM after the conversion.

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Let's Build a Better Future Together

Converting your community is a big decision. Real estate values are at their peak, making it the perfect time to protect your community's value and improve your quality of life. Contact us today for a confidential, no-obligation conversation.


You cannot make the decision to convert the community on your own, so you will never have to listen to a high-pressure sales pitch. It is just an opportunity to explore how the conversion process works so that you might communicate it with others. The entire community must decide to move forward together, but it starts with one person— maybe that person is you.

Be the hero who starts the process of bringing financial security
and enhanced living to your community.

MHM Community Goals

MHM Communities has invested over $3 billion in 55+ communities across the U.S., consistently delivering on-time closings at committed prices and making quick, impactful improvements.


We create vibrant communities where residents thrive in an active, social environment filled with health, happiness, and friendship. Our reputation is built on trust and respect from community owners and resident-owned co-op owners throughout Florida.


Our mission is to enhance residents' quality of life through:


Thriving Community Life:

Your HOA will receive a monthly budget for social events, dances, parties, and more. Residents who socialize with neighbors are usually happier, live longer, and remain within the community longer and a lower turnover rate is good for business.


Continued Affordability:

Our buyouts feature tiered lease options to suit everyone, and our lifetime rent guarantees are secured by the state of Florida’s DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation).


Modern Infrastructure:

Roads are often repaved, and sewer and storm drainage issues are repaired.


Luxury Look and Feel:

Significant remodeling, high-end landscaping and new amenities tailored to your community’s needs make the community more desirable and attractive to the current residents and new buyers. With all the improvements, homeowners will see an average 17% increase in home values.


Improved Security:

Gated entrances, climb-resistant fencing, and day/night security cameras help secure the neighborhood giving the residents peace of mind.


Upgraded Telecommunications:

High-speed fiber optics improve TV and internet quality at reduced costs.

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As a shareholder in a resident-owned community, understanding the full value of your investment is crucial. Ask your Shareholder Board to explore how MHM's involvement can enhance both the community and the financial well-being of its shareholders.


If you’re a Shareholder Board member, fulfill your fiduciary duty to the shareholders.

Call Paul Smith at 404-428-7295 or use the contact form below to email us at for a confidential, no-obligation discussion.


Discover how we can elevate your community's value, improve residents' lifestyles, and boost retirement savings.


Being well-informed is key to securing and growing your investments.

Get started now and build a lasting future in your community with MHM.
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